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Clearing of Electrical Service Lines

Cheery Chops provide clearance services around electrical service lines. These works are consistent with the provisions of Section 48 of the Electricity Supply Act 1995. Staff have extensive experience and are fully trained in this specialised service.

Crane Work

The size or location of a tree could involve the necessary use of a crane. The Cheery Chops crew is trained and qualified to provide this service with full knowledge and experience in traffic management, property and pedestrian safety.


Deadwooding is the manual removal of dead limbs/branches from a tree that are presenting a hazard, part of a tree to control its shape, remove dangerous or overhanging branches, or improve the amenity value of the property.

Emergency and Storm Damaged Tree Removal

Appropriate tree removal where storm damage has occurred is important to maintaining healthy vegetation and a safe environment; freshly broken tops and branches are susceptible to disease and insects. Storm damaged trees or fallen branches can also pose a significant safety threat due to unstable vegetation, and can interfere with access to homes, driveways and properties, requiring expeditious removal. Due to the danger and risk to the public in such situations, an expert and professional tree services provider needs to be employed to minimise, manage and neutralise the inherent hazards.

Flora and Fauna Environmental Protection Policy

At all times, Cheery Chops is mindful of the fragile ecosystem of the Australian continent. We are the custodians of a multitude of unique flora and fauna, especially the species that are threatened and/or protected. Every effort is made at each worksite to assess, then remove or reduce the environmental impact on flora or fauna habitat, and industry best practice is employed to help conserve the natural balance of the environment.

Land Clearing

Private land owners, property developers or architects may require a tree solution service to clear a block of land of some or all vegetation for amenity improvement, or building design and construction. Cheery Chops Tree Solutions is the professional service that can meet this specialised need.

On-site Chipping and Mulching

Tree cuttings and other vegetation can be chipped on-site, converting this by-product into mulch for future use. This mulch then made available to the customer free-of-charge. Wood chips are a wonderful solution for enhancing landscape design; covering unsightly weed-ridden garden beds. Spreading mulch on existing plant or flower beds inhibits weed growth, regulates soil temperature and moisture, reduces the need for watering, improves the nutrients and promotes positive insect diversity in the soil. This helps facilitate the circle of life.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Unmaintained Palm trees, especially Cocos palms, are an inviting habitat for rats and other unwelcome vermin. Palms should be frequently maintained: seeds, seed pods and dead or dying fronds need to be removed and disposed of. This is to ensure the palm remains free from disease, vermin and insects, is aesthetically pleasing and does not pose a threat by dropping seeds, pods and fronds. Falling palm tree branches and seed pods have been known to cause serious injury due to the weight and shape of these objects. Cheery Chops has extensive experience in providing this specialised service.

Real Estate and Strata Services

Cheery Chops has extensive experience in providing a suite of solutions necessary for the tree work needs of real estate agencies and strata services. Real estate and strata management companies have stringent checks on contractors; Cheery Chops goes to great lengths to ensure all legal and safety requirements for these agents are current i.e. training, insurance, WorkCover policy. Cheery Chops employs industry best practices for meeting the specialised requirements of rental and strata properties, and maintaining shared outdoor spaces for multi-dwelling residences.

Risk Assessment of Hazardous Vegetation

Hazardous vegetation pertains to poisonous, highly flammable, or invasive species, and damaged, dead or dying trees. Examples of invasive species include Lantana, Elephant’s Ears, Wandering Jew, Black-Eye Susan, Prickly Pear, Morning Glory, and Rhus Trees. Cheery Chops is trained and qualified in providing specialised and safe solutions to managing or removing such vegetation. It is highly recommended that a professional and skilled tree removal service is employed to handle such situations. David is always happy to provide free advice on best practices for maintaining and/or removal of such species.

Stump Grinding

Stump removal is usually required when the remaining stump has left an unsightly visual impact, or customers wish to use the space for replanting. Stump grinding requires specialised machinery with a qualified operator to ensure the stump is removed safely as much as practically possible. Grinding and removal of the stump and surface roots helps prevent regrowth from the root system . Apart from being visually unappealing, stumps can pose a tripping hazard, and also attract pests like white ants, termites, fungus and other disease. Cheery Chops provides the full stump grinding service, David will be happy to supply a quotation as well as advice on this process.

Tree Dismantling and Rigging

Depending on the size of the tree and ease of access, rigging, ropes and an array of other specialised equipment are regularly used by crew to safely access and remove trees. This ensures a completely controlled system of lowering of limbs and branches to the ground with maximum safety for the tree and ground crews, as well as any property. Training in safely rigging and dismantling a tree is a key part of an arborists’ education.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is when selective parts of a tree are removed due to death, disease, for size reduction, the removal of obstructive lower branches, maintenance of tree health, to shape for desired design, or to control or inhibit growth. To ensure an optimally aesthetically pleasing result without permanent damage to the tree, Cheery Chops is the professional tree service that will be able to provide this. David is very particular in establishing exactly what the customer is trying to achieve by pruning the tree, and the most suitable customised solution will be fully outlined in the quote. All pruning undertaken by Cheery Chops strictly adheres to the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS 4373-2007).

Tree Removal

Trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons; when they become structurally unsound, unsightly, diseased or die, or cause damage to pipes, paving or building foundations. The removal process can be quite straightforward, to incredibly complex and dangerous requiring the use of complicated rigging and highly specialised equipment. Cheery Chops is able to assess all tree situations, and provide customised solutions using the safest industry best practices.

Tree Surgery

The highly qualified Cheery Chops arborists provide expert diagnosis and treatment of vegetation that is affected by disease, phytopathology, parasitism, or predation. Professional assessment of hazardous vegetation, invasive species or potential disease vectors can ensure the optimum health and visual appeal of vegetation. Australian arborists are accredited through a rigorous, multi-disciplinary process of education, training and qualification.For further information:
National Arborists Association of Australia
International Society of Arboriculture

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is important part of maintaining a healthy and visually appealing property. Trees that are allowed to become too big or unkempt can become dangerous and unattractive. When trimming a tree it is imperative to ensure the tree is trimmed in the correct spot or it can be left with a wound that is an entry point for disease pathogens and destructive insects. Once again, all pruning undertaken by Cheery Chops strictly adheres to the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS 4373-2007).

View Enhancement

Tree removal, pruning or trimming can open up a visually appealing view or add some depth to a property. This could involve strategically placed branches or trees, or the clearance of a large area. Alternatively, removal of trees that have become unsightly could reduce privacy, but Cheery Chops is able to recommend species that are fast-growing, attractive and will quickly restore privacy. View enhancement is a quick way to easily add value to a property.

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