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Professional Tree Removal for Freshwater

Certified experts in all forms of tree removal and maintenance

Cheery Chops is a family owned and operated business who pride themselves on their professionalism, reliability and competitive pricing.

Our licensed arborists specialise in all aspects of tree maintenance which include pruning, trimming, palm tree maintenance, emergency tree removal, real estate and strata services, land clearing, stump grinding, chipping and mulching.

Aside from providing a wealth of tree maintenance services, Cheery Chops also offers expert advice on general tree care to ensure your garden is healthy and will continue to produce fresh new life for years to come.

Whether your job is big or small, the Cheery Chops team is equipped with the latest tree maintenance tools and climbing gear to get the job done efficiently and safely with minimal fuss.

24-Hour Tree Removal

Like many things in life, trees have a natural life expectancy and they need to be removed eventually. When this does happen, you need a team of experts who can get the job done right.

There are many reasons why a tree needs to be removed. In most cases, a tree will no longer be needed to keep standing if it is:

  • Blocking a pathway, landscaping or development project
  • No longer visually appealing
  • Leaning over a dangerous amount
  • Dying of old age
  • Succumbed to tree disease or brown rot
  • Using up too much moisture and nutrients in the surrounding soil
  • Causing damage to property foundation or facilities such as pipes and electrical works

Cheery Chops is highly skilled in all forms of tree removal. By taking a careful approach, the tree is gradually removed limb-by-limb and the stump is removed along with the root to prevent regrowth.

With a strong focus on safety, every effort is made to secure the area and make sure the removal process causes no harm to nearby property, gardens and the public. Our certified arborists know how to access even the toughest trees and use the latest equipment to safely complete the task.

Once the tree is removed all debris is collected or converted into mulch, then a new sapling is planted to begin a fresh new cycle.

Why Choose Cheery Chops

✔ Fully licensed and insured arborists
✔ Proudly serving Freshwater
✔ Customised written quote for all jobs
✔ No upfront payment
✔ Safe, efficient and eco-friendly
✔ All tree cuttings removed from site

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